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Warning Signs You Need NEMT Services

For many people who are used to driving themselves wherever they go, it is a challenge to admit they need transportation services. Due to changes in eyesight and sense of direction, aging affects driving. Check out these common warning signs below, and see if you need non-emergency medical transportation as soon as possible.

  • You’ve had several near-accidents.

    Have you been involved in near-accidents because you’ve misjudged the distance or pedestrians? Before getting involved in a serious emergency, take advantage of non-emergency medical transportation in Illinois. NEMT is vital, especially if you go out regularly for doctor appointments.

  • Your vehicle has scrapes and dents.

    Have you been struggling with backing and parking? Have you been dealing with balance issues? All of these have a direct and crucial effect on your driving skills. Don’t get your car damaged before you seek assistance. NEMT is a service that will bring you to your destination safely.

  • You get lost in familiar areas.

    Getting lost in the areas you’re frequently passing could be a sign of rious emergency, take advantage of memory lapses when you’re aging. Does this happen to you regularly? If so, don’t risk driving again on your own. Allow the practitioners and professionals providing NEMT to drive you to your medical appointments, dialysis treatments, etc.

Excellence Transit LLC is one of the NEMT providers in Hanover Park, Illinois that ensure you have a safe and comfortable ride. Our timely and interactive transportation service ensures you are taken care of during your trip to the hospital, adult care facility, etc. Are you interested to learn more about our services? Contact us at 224-770-7103 today for more information.

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