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Travel Tips for Travelers with Disabilities


There is no reason for a family member with a permanent or temporary physical disability to stay at home on a trip. That is why our non-emergency medical transportation in Illinois has made your surroundings and travel experience more convenient for you.

Here are some suggestions to make your trip more memorable and enjoyable:

  • Plan in Advance
    Planning allows you to be more prepared for any situation that may arise. It also aids in the reduction of inconveniences, particularly for those who are physically handicapped.
  • Arrange for Your Transportation in Advance
    Look for dependable NEMT providers in Mount Prospect, Illinois to avoid delays and discomfort when traveling, especially if you are using a wheelchair or other medical equipment. This will make it easier for you to get around.
  • Arrange Accessible Accommodation
    Consider what you normally need to do at home when arranging an autonomous trip. For example, if you have a roll-in shower with a shower bench at home, look for one in a hotel.
  • Be Specific and Clear when Describing a Disability
    Give as much information as possible about what you can and cannot do, and don’t minimize the severity of your impairment. The more information a service provider knows, the better they can assist you.

Do you intend to travel in the New Year? Excellence Transit LLC offers timely and engaging transportation services. Our employees always go above and beyond to assure our clients’ comfort and pleasure.

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