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Seniors’ Most Common Transportation Issues


Many seniors avoid driving because of poor eyesight, dizziness, and the onset of Dementia, among other age-related ailments. The elderly are forced to rely on alternative modes of transportation, such as non-emergency medical transportation in Illinois, since they lack the capacity to drive.

However, to solve this pressing healthcare issue, it is necessary to understand first the difficulties that seniors encounter.

  • Driving Problems
    Aging can cause challenges such as impaired vision and hearing, poor health conditions, and a loss of strength, making it difficult for seniors to drive. Missed medical appointments, emergency hospital trips, and social isolation are all caused by a lack of easy and affordable transportation.
  • Costs
    Although not insuring, fueling, or maintaining a car saves money, transportation still costs money. Many things can be accomplished by relying solely on free shuttles or the compassion of friends, but not all.
  • Public Transportation Challenges
    Seniors have a difficult time keeping up with changing transit timetables and standards. Many buses and trains have steep and narrow staircases that are difficult for seniors to navigate.
  • There Is No Way to Go There from Here
    Many areas are cut off from public transportation, and others are even unreachable by taxis. The same is true at the opposite end of the journey; occasionally, the location you wish to visit is just not linked to the network.
  • Challenges with Traditional Rideshare Services
    Rideshare transportation services may be rushed, cannot be scheduled ahead of time, and the drivers may be uncaring and compassionate to seniors. Thus, seniors may feel unsafe and insecure.

The transportation services provided by Excellence Transit LLC, one of the leading NEMT providers in Hanover Park, Illinois, are an excellent way to meet all of the transportation needs of seniors and differently-abled individuals.

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