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Providing Proper Wheelchair Transportation


One of the most important responsibilities of a non-emergency transportation service provider is to properly strap in wheelchairs to prevent serious injury. Even if drivers are trained in defensive driving and follow all driving laws an accident is always a possibility, and it is better to be prepared. At Excellence Transit LLC, a trusted NEMT Providers in Hanover Park, Illinois, we cater to clients in need of wheelchair transportation.

There are many factors that go into properly loading, unloading, and securing a wheelchair for transportation, such as unique medical circumstances and various build and weight of wheelchairs. Even the slightest mistake or oversight can cause injury, and we can guarantee that with the years of our expertise and training, we can keep our passengers safe even if they are in a wheelchair. Our non-emergency medical transportation in Illinois has been highly recommended by many seniors, family members, and people with disability. We do the best that we can to take them to their destinations and back to their home safe and sound.

To avail of our transportation services, please do not hesitate to give our lines a call. We are looking forward to taking you to your appointments on time.

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