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Non-Emergency Transportation Solution to Medical Access Challenge

Non-Emergency Transportation Solution to Medical Access Challenge

Availability of transportation services is one of the barriers to reliable patient care access. Being able to have this access is an integral part of various care management plans for any chronic illnesses and medical conditions. Often, patients need transport service because they do not have a valid driver’s license, no working vehicle in the household, physical and cognitive limitations, or financial reasons.

But there is a way to bridge this gap—through non-emergency medical transportation in Illinois. This type of healthcare service is available to those who need to:

  • Go to their medical appointments, such as family planning, mental health, dental appointments, substance use disorders, among others
  • Scheduled medical treatment, such as hemodialysis, chemo and radiation therapy, physical therapy, etc.
  • Transport to adult daycare facilities and other outpatient services

To ensure that you have a ride to your appointment, be sure to contact Excellence Transit LLC as soon as you know about your appointment. As NEMT Providers in Mount Prospect, Illinois, it is helpful to request a service ahead of time for easy and well-coordinated medical trips. This also allows us enough time to provide you with an appropriate vehicle suited to your physical condition needs (i.e. ambulance, wheelchair van, or litter van).

If you need more information about non-emergency medical transport, call us now at 224-770-7103 or send us a message at excellencetransit@gmail.com.

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