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Care When Transporting Cancer Patients


Cancer treatment is not easy and cancer patients may not be able to drive themselves to and from their medical appointments. As NEMT providers in Mount Prospect, Illinois we cater to the needs of patients in getting their cancer treatments.

As chemotherapy can have various side effects including nausea, vomiting, fatigue, skin sensitivity, and others, we make sure to provide the best care to accommodate our clients with cancer. Here are some care measures we observe in our transportation services:

  • Being punctual
    As radiation appointments can be time-sensitive, we will make sure you get to and from there on time.
  • Keeping the vehicle clean
    We keep our vehicles clean and avoid ride-sharing as cancer patients can be more susceptible to infections and illnesses such as the cold or flu.
  • Being ready to assist
    We are ready to assist in case our clients feel fatigued or nauseous.
  • Being respectful of our client’s desire to rest
    Cancer treatments can be exhausting, so we respect your need to rest and not talk during the trip.

Are you in need of non-emergency medical transportation in Illinois to get you to and from your chemotherapy appointments? Our professionals at Excellence Transit LLC can take care of you.

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